Alnico Betsy baffles

Currently unavailable due to a severe price increase of alnico magnets

If they become available in the future, they will be re-added to the lineup

Alnico graphic

The long awaited Alnico magnet version of the Betsy driver is now a reality !!!

In addition to the excellent original Betsy driver,
Caintuck Audio is now offering the Alnico version

The new driver will be available in all versions of the Betsy baffles

Music lovers who are familiar with the characteristics and
nuance of Alnico magnet drivers will appreciate the involving
and beautiful sound ..... at a very reasonable price

- Pricing -

*** There was a recent 50.00 price increase on the alnico magnet drivers from Wild Burro Audio Labs ***

Add $ 270.00 per pair to the price of any original Betsy model

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