Locations to audition Caintuck Audio loudspeakers

I have received several emails asking if there is a place where a
person can hear the Caintuck Audio loudspeakers
"up close and personal"

For the past several years, a person could audition the speakers at one of two places :

1 - The Decware Audio listening room in East Peoria, IL

Decware Audio

2 - My home listening room in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, OH)

I can be contacted via email to arrange a date and time for a visit


Recently, a few of my audio buddies have generously offered
their home  listening rooms as audition sites for the Betsy baffles.
In addition, they are happy to spend some time
discussing audio topics, in general.

The Betsy baffles

Dave - central Michigan near Mount Pleasant
He can be contacted at :   the_hurdy_gurdyman@yahoo.com

Peter - Altadena, CA
He can be contacted at :   pcamperos@msn.com

Ivan - Mundelein, IL (about 40 miles from Chicago)
He can be contacted at :   ivancy1920@gmail.com

Brian - Northeastern CT, Coastal RI / MA
He can be contacted at : bgilmore1975@hotmail.com

Robert - Raleigh, NC
He can be contacted at :   rcordle56@gmail.com

Mark - Northeast PA / Scranton Area
Near Rt. 81
He can be contacted at :   signet02@yahoo.com

Kevin - Minneapolis, MN area
He can be contacted at :   kdbmeb@gmail.com

"Geno" - Brandon, MS area
He can be contacted at :   esherwood61@bellsouth.net

Eric - Montreal - Canada
He can be contacted at :   e_fortier@videotron.ca

There are now three locations to audition the Lii 15 baffles (in addition to my room in Kentucky)

Roger - SE Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware and / or Maryland

He can be contacted at :   HockessinKid@gmail.com

Matt - Duluth, Minnesota area

He can be contacted at :   matthewnorby@yahoo.com

Ted - San Diego, CA

He can be contacted at :   tedfrank20@gmail.com

There is a distinct possibility of additional locations for auditions in the near future.
They will be added to this page as they become available.

I personally enjoy "audio road trips" and encourage anyone who is interested in
budget priced loudspeakers with a "high end" sound to make the effort to
audition the Betsy or Lii 15 baffles as an option for their audio system.
Only a couple of high quality watts per channel are needed to bring the
Betsy or Lii 15 baffles to life and create a private concert in your listening room.

Happy listening,

Randy in Caintuck

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