The Betsy & Buck

The standard Betsy baffle loudspeakers are an amazingly fine sounding
and cost effective solution for many music lovers.

The Wild Burro Audio Labs 8" driver covers a wide frequency range
with a very sweet and natural sounding treble response, a lifelike
midrange and a fast and tuneful upper bass response which goes to
80 HZ or lower depending on the listening room and
power amplifier being used with them.

They integrate very well with additional plate amplifier powered open
 baffles with larger drivers or conventional subwoofers for lower bass.

However, I have had several requests for a compact loudspeaker
that digs deeper into the bass frequencies while retaining the
small footprint of the standard Betsy baffle.

Some prospective customers want "just a little bit more bottom end"
than the Betsy drivers provide by themselves.

In response ..... the Betsy & Buck speaker was born .....

Betsy and Buck

22 1/2" high - 18" wide - rear mounted base 12" deep

Drivers : Wild Burro Audio Betsy 8" full range / Eminence Alpha 10"
As shown - Baffle material : 3/4" Baltic birch plywood
Veneered edging
Walnut stain

Other plywood varieties and finishes are also available

Price : 649.00 pair + shipping
as shown

Quotes for other plywood versions / finishes provided upon request

Betsy Buck rear

Rear view

Binding post boxes

Dual binding posts

Two pairs of binding posts are provided .....
one pair for the Betsy driver to be powered by
the main power amplifier and one pair for the 10"
Alpha bass driver to be powered by a
plate amplifier or other power amp with
volume and frequency comtrols.

The 10" Alpha driver provides quick and tuneful bass
that picks up where the Betsy driver fades and  the two drivers
integrate very well for a loudspeaker system that will meet the
needs of
the vast majority of music lovers.

One plate amplifier can be used to power the Alpha 10" drivers
 in both baffles for "mono"
bass or two plate amplifiers can be
used for "stereo" bass (one for each channel).

The "passive" option

I am also offering an option that allows the Betsy & Buck baffles
to be used without a plate amp or additional power amp
to power the Alpha 10" drivers.

In this configuration, a Jantzen Audio 18 AWG Air Core
inductor is used with the Alpha 10" driver and the entire
speaker is powered from the main amplifier.

Only one set of binding posts is used for this configuration.

The upside is eliminating the need for an additional amplifier
or amplifiers and the sound is very coherent with the music
sounding as if it is "cut from a single piece of cloth".

The downside is that the system lacks the flexibility provided
by the variable volume and crossover controls of
a plate amplifier as well as a phase reversal switch.

The plate amplifier powered version provides deeper bass
at a higher volume while the "passive" version allows
a less complicated wiring setup and lower overall cost.

I can make an argument for both options .....
If your music collection is comprised of recordings that
contain well recorded / generous bass, the passive option
will work well for you. If your recordings are a bit "bass shy" or
you want your bass to have more "impact", the plate amp
powered version will work best for you.

This option adds 50.00 per pair to the price

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