CryoTone vacuum tubes


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I recently attended the 2023 Decware Audio Music Fest

It was a pleasure to meet Don Thomas of CryoTone vacuum tubes

A group of music lovers in attendance spent several hours comparing tubes
in a Decware SE84UFO2 Anniversary amplifier in the primary listening room

We changed the driver, power and rectifier tubes (one at a time) and each time
a CryoTone tube was substituted for the stock tube, the improvement was
immediately heard and it was not a subtle improvement

A second listening room had been set up for my open baffle loudspeakers
I replaced all of the tubes in the SE84UFO amplifier in that room with CryoTone tubes
The original driver and rectifier tubes were some very nice NOS vintage tubes

Again, the improvement was not subtle
Several of the Decware Fest attendees who had heard the system
in this room the previous year shared their thoughts ...
that the
sound was much better this year with the CryoTone tubes

The CryoTone tubes have excellent tone, color, weight, density and focus

Highly recommended !!!

Randy in Caintuck