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Sapele 15Oak and walnut Betsy
Sapele Lii 15
Red oak / Walnut Betsy
Walnut Maple 15Red Oak Betsy
Walnut / Maple Lii 15
Red Oak Betsy
Wenge 15Wenge and padauk Lii 15
Wenge Lii 15
Wenge / Padauk Lii 15
Ash15Maple Betsy
Two tone Ash Lii 15
Three panel Maple Betsy
Poplar Fast-8Padauk Betsy
Three panel Poplar Lii Fast-8
Padauk Betsy
Alpha 12 walnut
Maple walnut maple
Walnut Alpha 12
Maple / Walnut Lii 15
Sapele Betsy alnico
Curly cherry Lii 12
Sapele Betsy Alnico
Curly Cherry Lii 12
Walnut Lii 15
Sapele Fast-8
Walnut Lii 15Sapele Fast-8
Sapele Wenge Betsy
Peruvian Walnut Lii 15
Sapele Wenge Betsy
Peruvian Walnut Lii 15
Lii 12 Wenge Padauk
Curly cherry Betsy
Wenge / Padauk Lii 12Curly Cherry Betsy Alnico
Purpleheart Fast-8
Purpleheart Fast-8
Lii 15 back
Betsy alnico rear
Rear view of Wenge / Padauk Lii 15Rear view of Sapele Betsy Alnico