Price increase on Betsy baffles

Effective November 1st, 2018

Due to cost increases in materials and some changes in the construction of the Betsy baffles,
there will be a modest increase in the price of the basic loudspeaker

The price of a pair of rotary sawn red oak plywood baffles will increase from 350.00 to 399.00

Betsy natural

They will be available in the natural linseed oil / beeswax finish (as above) or in any of the stains seen in this chart


A matching veneered edging can be added to the speakers for 50.00

The original price of 350.00 will be honored for orders placed before November 1st, 2018

At 399.00, the Betsy baffles remain an excellent value in the world of loudspeakers

Solid Hardwood Betsy baffles

Solid hardwood in 18" widths is becoming increasingly hard to source

Because of this, the "two tone" baffles will be the only solid hardwood baffles offered in the near future

The pricing of these baffles will depend on the species of hardwoods used and the complexity of the build

The available two tone baffles and pricing will be posted on the "Speakers in Stock" page of the website

Speakers in Stock and New Orders

Due to potential issues with splitting of the center section of the baffles, Betsy & Buck and
Betsy Deuce baffles will not be available in the two tone format