Product List and Pricing

Plywood Betsy

The Betsy Baffle

22 1/2" high - 18" wide - rear mounted base 12" deep

Driver : Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy 8" full range
Baffle material : 3/4" rotary cut red oak plywood
Standard linseed oil / beeswax finish
Various stained finishes also available

Price : 399.00 / pair + shipping

619.00 / pair with WBAL alnico drivers + shipping

Also available in :

Exotic plywoods and hardwoods

From 499.00 / pair + shipping

Questions about the Betsy Baffles

Stereo Times Betsy baffle review

Six Moons Betsy baffle review

Alpha front
Alpha back

Alpha bass baffle

Available in barrel or tombstone shape

20 1/2" high - 18" wide - rear mounted base 12" deep

Driver : Eminence Alpha 15" or 12"

15" driver goes lower
12" driver is quicker and tighter

Baffle material : 3/4" rotary cut red oak plywood
Ebony, walnut or mahogany stain standard - other stains available

Available srains

Linssed oil / beeswax finish is also available

***  Plate amplifier required  ***
Or other power amplifier with variable crossover and volume controls

199.00 each + shipping

One of the best options to power the Alpha bass baffles

is available from Parts Express
at a very reasonable price

Dayton Audio SA230 230W Subwoofer Amplifier

This is a self contained subwoofer amplifier that is
nicely packaged and has many useful options for system integration

It can be used to power one or two Alpha bass baffles (in mono)

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