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At the 2022 Decware Audio Fest, I had the pleasure of meeting a "musical kindred spirit".

Sam Gibb is the proprietor of Purer Sound

The "mission statement" of Purer Sound is identical to that of Caintuck Audio .....
To provide cost effective products for fellow music lovers

Two products from Purer Sound caught my eye ..... and ears .....

The first was a very effective room treatment panel

Everyone who visited the secondary listening room at the Decware Fest
was impressed with the sonic improvement they made
with any loudspeaker that was playing

Room Treatment

Room treatment 2

These panels can be used "free standing" or can be mounted on a wall

They can also be painted to seemlessly integrate with the room color


The second item was a three piece open baffle setup

A very clever design using some of the same Lii Audio drivers that I use in my speakers

Three Piece

These loudspeakers are available in a variety of colors to match any decor .....

and they provided excellent sound, as well


Here is some VERY good news .....!!!

I have received quite a few requests for baffles large enough to be used
with the Lii Audio F-18 drivers

However, the baffles I am building are not large enough to work with an 18" driver

Purer Sound can provide baffles for the 18" Lii Audio drivers

For information on Purer Sound products and to place an order, contact Sam at -


Randy in Caintuck