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Blue Heron Suite
Common Chord
Sarah Jarosz
Blue Heron Suite
Common Chord
Various Artists
Chantal Chamberland
Vanessa Fernandez
When the Levee Breaks
Wonderful voice
Great recording !!!

A very accomplished group
of musicians .....
Another excellent album from
this very talented vocalist

Covers of Led Zeppelin songs
by a very talented female artist
Cool acoustic version of
the "Immigrant Song"

Eddie Higgins
London Calling
Album No. 8
Eddie Higgins Trio
If Dreams Come True

Lyn Stanley
London Calling
Ottmar Liebert
Katie Melua
Album No. 8
Excellent version of

"Bye Bye Blackbird" will
let you know how well your
system reproduces
acoustic bass

Some fine acoustic guitar .....Another good album from this
very talented vocalist

Contact Myself
A La Madrugada
Nashville Obsolete
Grateful Dead
Reckoning (Live)

Katja Maria Werker
Contact Myself
Lauren Henderson
A La Madrugada

Dave Rawlings Machine
Nashville Obsolete
Every music library needs to
have at least one "Dead" album
I like this one .....
A nice version of
"Deep Elem Blues"

Interesting German vocalist
Two versions of "Step By Step"
Both are good
Back off the volume
A hot recording

Well recorded .....
Nice expressive vocals

Best known for his work with
Gillian Welch
Good recording
Check out "Bodysnatchers"

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