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The Breeze
Eric Clapton & Friends
The Breeze
Bela Fleck
Greatest Hits of the 20th Century
Ben Webster
Plays Ballads
Calum Graham
Phoenix Rising
Well done with some fine
contributing artists
"Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" is
a great demo for low bass
Some fine tenor sax
Great for chilling out .....
Excellent acoustic guitarist
Check out "3 Way Street"

Silent Light
October Road
Jimmie Lee
Johnnie Cash
Dominic Miller
Silent Light

James Taylor
October Road
Jimmie Lee Robinson
Remember Me
Johnny Cash
Personal File - Disk 1
Well recorded music for
late night relaxing
Great low level detail
A better recording than most
James Taylor albums
It actually has some "air"
This was one intense bluesman
His "whistling" is worth the
price of the album
Very well recorded vocals
Just vocals and an acoustic guitar
An interesting collection of songs

Keb Mo
Livingston Taylor
Keb' Mo'
Keb' Mo'

Livingston Taylor
Good Friends
Malia - Boris Blank

Patricia Barber
Kevin Roosevelt Moore
Some fine vocals and guitar
Check out Jacques Cousteau and Pajamas ... good, clean fun
Very well recorded
Amazing placement of
instruments in the soundstage
"Claire Cadillac" is intense
Not the usual PB
recommendation. "Alone Together" has some amazing
scat in sync with the piano

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