Shipping and packaging charges

Caintuck Audio has an account with UPS and I receive a small discount on shipping charges

The insured shipping charges on Betsy, Alpha and Lii Audio baffles
and loudspeakers are billed to my customers at my cost .....

To protect the speakers in shipping, I have devised a system using foam "channels"
to cushion the speakers and use 1/8" hard board on all interior surfaces of the shipping carton
This makes packing the speakers for shipping a bit labor intensive, but worth the effort

The original channels were made from Styrofoam which worked well but often
broke (crumbled) when removing the speakers from the shipping carton

I recently had some channels made from PE foam which is not as fragile or as messy as Styrofoam
The downside is that the PE foam costs quite a bit more than the Styrofoam

The cost of the PE foam, 1/8" hardboard and shipping cartons continues to increase on a regular basis

A charge of 35.00 (my actual cost) will now be added to invoices
to offset the cost of the packaging materials on speaker and baffle orders

The Betsy, Alpha and Lii 15 baffles are reasonably priced considering the performance
they provide, so I prefer to keep the prices of the speakers low and
charge a small fee for the packaging materials

Happy listening,

Randy in Caintuck