The Decware Audio ZROCK


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I recently attended the 2021 Decware Audio Music Fest which takes place annually in October.

Steve Deckert had set up a second listening room which was the same size as
my listening room at home.
The room was approximately 12' x 16'

For me, the big surprise of the Fest was when we added
a ZROCK to the system in the smaller listening room.

WOW !!!  WOW !!!  WOW !!!

I am a "dyed in the wool" minimalist when it comes to audio equipment and normally
hate adding anything to the audio chain ..... so I honestly expected this device to degrade the sound.

Man, was I wrong about that.  It added weight, texture and density to the lower midrange and
upper bass and made the speaker end of the room TOTALLY disappear.

There was no degradation to the sound in any way that I could hear and several of the
attendees who I know and respect agreed with this observation.

The best description I can offer is that the musical presentation was now "on steroids" !!!

We played some Metallica (yes Metallica) and the jaws of every person in the room hit the floor.
It actually sounded good ….. and I mean really GOOD !!!

Steve Deckert is a genius and I have a ZROCK on order.
Between the ZROCK and the Lii Audio W-15 bass baffle, we had a serious full range
system ..... as convincing and satisfying as anything that I have personally heard.

This was true with the Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy baffles, the Lii Audio Fast-8s,
the Silver-10s and the F-15 baffles that I had brought to the Fest ….. they all sounded incredible.

The amplifier that was powering the speakers was a stock Decware SE84UFO.

A large percentage of "classic rock" music is "thin" in the lower midrange / upper bass region .....
especially in the digital format. The ZROCK will restore what is missing and make
most of these recordings not only listenable, but enjoyable.

A bonus is that the ZROCK will also make well recorded music even better.

Highly recommended !!!

Randy in Caintuck