The Alpha bass baffle

Alpha 12 side

Alpha 12 Plus

Alpha 12 walnut

Alpha 12 Plus

Alpha 15 Magnum maple

Alpha 15 Magnum

Alpha Plus Tombstone Walnut
Alpha 15 Plus Tombstone

Since the Lii Audio W-15 bass driver has become available,
many of my customers who wished to supplement the lower bass
of their main speakers have purchased baffles for those drivers

However, for those wanting additional low end
in their audio system and are on a budget, I am still offering
baffles for the Eminence Alpha drivers ..... 12" and 15"

The baffle can also be ordered with the
Goldwood GW-412D 12" bass driver
This driver has dual voice coils and binding posts

All of these drivers sound good and are an excellent value

A plate amplifier or subwoofer amplifier is required for normal setup
The right amd left channels are "summed" to mono by the amplifier

The Goldwood driver can be powered in parallel
with the main speakers if inductors or low pass filters
are used to implement a fixed crossover point

- Prices for these baffles include the driver -

Single baffle with Alpha 12" driver
Plus version - 7/8" baffle starting at 390.00
Magnum version - 1 1/2" baffle starting at 540.00

Single baffle with Alpha 15" driver
Plus version - 7/8" baffle starting at 405.00
Magnum version - 1 1/2" baffle starting at 555.00

Single baffle with Goldwood GW-412D 12" driver
Plus version - 7/8" baffle starting at 355.00
Magnum version - 1 1/2" baffle starting at 505.00

Final pricing is determined by the hardwood(s) used for the baffle

The driver on both 7/8" and 1 1/2" thick versions is
rear mounted as in the photo above

Please email me with any questions about the Alpha bass baffles

Randy in Caintuck

To place an order :

Please send an email with your shipping address
and which speakers you wish to purchase

If you discovered Caintuck Audio on the Decware Audio website or
forum, please include this information in your email

I will email a reply with the insured shipping
for your approval
A PayPal invoice will then be sent to you

The PayPal invoice has an option to pay by credit card

A PayPal account is not needed to pay by credit card

If you wish to pay by personal check,
please specify that option
in your initial email

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