Partially completed baffles

- These baffles can be fitted with the following drivers -

Original Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy
Wild Burro Audio Labs Alnico
Lii Audio Fast-8
Lii Audio F-12
Lii Audio F-15

*  Two weeks shipping from date of order  *

Peruvian walnut

Peruvian Walnut

22 1/2" high - 17 3/4" wide - rear mounted poplar base 12" deep

Prices with the following drivers

Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy - 599.00

Wild Burron Audio Labs Alnico - 819.00

Lii Audio Fast-8 - 689.00

Lii Audio F-12 - 799.00

Lii Audio F-15 - 899.00

*  Plus shipping and packaging  *

Additional baffles are currently being built

They will be added to this page as they become available

Currently listed baffles will be removed from this page as they are sold

To place an order :

Please send an email with your shipping address
and which speakers you wish to purchase

If you discovered the Betsy or Lii baffles on the Decware Audio website
forum, please include this information in your email


I will email a reply with the insured shipping
for your approval
A PayPal invoice will then be sent to you

The PayPal invoice has an option to pay by credit card

A PayPal account is not needed to pay by credit card

If you wish to pay by personal check,
please specify that option
in your initial email

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