The Lii 12

Lii 12 Plus

The Lii 12 Magnum - Curly Cherry

Lii 12 curly maple
The Lii 12 Magnum - Curly Maple

Lii 12 room

The Lii 12 Magnum baffles

in the Caintuck Audio listening room

Based on requests by customers for a low profile, portable open baffle
loudspeaker with a driver size between the 8" drivers and the 15" drivers,
the Lii 12 is now being offered featuring the Lii Audio F-12 driver

The Lii Audio 12" driver is mounted in the popular "low boy"
barrel shaped baffle which has a small footprint and can be
easily moved using the rear mounted convenience handles

These speakers have an excellent tonal balence, leaning slightly more
to the upper midrange and high frequencies than the Lii 15 baffles,
while still having good bass response to 65 HZ.
The driver is rated at 94 DB sensitivity and no
power robbing crossover components are used

Vocals have excellent presence and focus
Instrument tone and texture are natural and realistic

A powered subwoofer or powered bass baffle
can be added for bass frequencies below 65 HZ
The photo of my room (above) has the Lii 12 baffles
paired with a Lii Audio W-15 bass baffle
The integration is very good and creates a true full range system

As with all Caintuck Audio speakers, the stereo image "floats"
above the baffles extending beyond the front and side walls
of the listening room with well recorded music and the
speakers pull a very convincing "disappearing act"

They are designed to sit on the floor, so no stands are needed

The normal "break-in" time is 200 to 250 hours for peak performance

*  Three versions of the Lii 12 baffle are being offered  *

1 - The "original" version with a 7/8" thick baffle
configured for a front mounted driver

2 - The "Plus" version with a 7/8" thick baffle configured for a
rear mounted driver and a roundover on the front driver opening
  3 - The "Magnum" version with a 1 1/2" thick baffle configured for a
rear mounted driver and a roundover on the front driver opening

*  All three versions are shipped without drivers  *

The drivers can be ordered directly from Lii Audio

Lii Audio website

Installation of the drivers is quick and easy
Mounting holes are predrilled and mounting screws are supplied

Please email me with any questions about the Lii 12s

Randy in Caintuck

Price List

Photos of the Lii Audio F-12 driver

Lii 12 front

Lii 12 side

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