The Lii W-15 bass baffle

Bass baffle room

The Lii W-15 bass baffle (center) with Lii F-15 main
baffles in the Caintuck Audio listening room

Wenge W-15 barrel
W-15 Magnum baffle


W-15 Plus

W-15 Magnum baffle

Sapele / Red Oak

W-15 rectangle

W-15 Magnum baffle - Rectangle

Hard Maple
W-15 wenge_padauk

W-15 Magnum baffle

Wenge / Padauk

W-15 walnut
W-15 Magnum baffle


W-15 cherry
W-15 Magnum baffle


W-15 Tombstone
W-15 Magnum "Tombstone" baffle


W-15 walnut-sapele
W-15 Magnum "Tombstone" baffle

Walnut / Sapele

W-15 tombstone back

W-15 Magnum "Tombstone" baffle

Walnut / Sapele

Rear view

There is an opinion among some in the audio community
that open baffle speakers cannot make bass

Not true !!!

The Lii Audio W-15 bass driver will make some world class and
musical bass when mounted in an open baffle .....
even in a baffle of modest proportions.

In the photo shown above, the bass baffle is powered by an
inexpensive plate amplifier (Dayton Audio SA100) connected
to the speaker binding posts of the primary amplifier via the
high level (speaker level) inputs.

The left and right channels are summed to mono by the plate amplifier.
However, the W-15 driver has dual voice coils and dual sets of binding
posts which allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to amplification.

The free air resonance of the W-15 driver is 28 HZ

This allows it to produce serious low bass frequencies.
The QTS parameter is favorable for open baffles.
In addition to "digging deep", the bass frequencies are
wonderfully detailed with excellent harmonics.
Seperation of different low frequency instruments in a
recording (such as kick drum and bass guitar or acoustic bass)
is easily distinguished and natural sounding.

In addition to providing tuneful and natural sounding bass when
added to the various 8" versions of the Caintuck Audio baffles
(Betsy and Fast-8), they will also do a great job of adding low bass
to the Lii Audio F-15 full range drivers which roll off pretty
quickly below 50 HZ ..... the results are pretty amazing !!!

Now ..... the bad news .....

These drivers are  heavy .....  and I mean HEAVY !!!
I am convinced that trying to ship the driver mounted in the baffle would
reduce the baffle to splinters and sawdust if the carton is dropped.

So ..... I am offering the baffle (without driver) for purchase with the
driver cutout and pre-drilled holes for the mounting screws.
A heavy duty rear mounted handle is provided to
allow the baffle to be moved more easily.

The driver can be ordered directly from Lii Audio
mounted in the baffle by the buyer in five minutes or less

Lii Audio website

This is not a "cheap" driver.
However, some things are worth the asking price .....

The baffles will only be available in the hardwoods
indicated in the Caintuck Audio price list

Price List

For those in the DIY community who wish to build their
own baffles, I can highly recommend the W-15 driver

Please let the folks at Lii Audio know that you heard about the W-15 here

Feel free to email me with any questions about the Lii 15 bass baffles

Randy in Caintuck

Photo of the Lii Audio W-15 driver

Lii W-15

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