Magnum-8 series baffles

Magnum-8 baffle front

1 1/2" thick hardwoods

Rear mounted drivers
Roundover on front driver opening

- These baffles can be fitted with the following drivers -

Original Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy
Wild Burro Audio Labs Alnico
Lii Audio Fast-8
Lii Audio Silver-8

There have been several recent requests for 1 1/2" thick
hardwood baffles for the various 8" drivers
Until recently, I have turned down these requests for two reasons -

1 - A concern that the smaller drivers might suffer from a
"cupping effect" to the sound in a thicker baffle and
the soundstage width would be restricted

2 - Because the 8" drivers do not produce as much energy
as the larger drivers, I reasoned that there would not be
an obvious benefit to the sound based on baffle "resonance"

Curiosity finally got the better of me and I built the baffles
shown above and below with Lii Audio Fast-8 drivers.
Per the suggestion of a customer, I used a more aggressive
roundover radius on the front of the baffle.

To my surprise, there was no "cupping effect" to the sound.
In fact, the soundstage was actually wider than the
Fast-8 drivers in the 7/8" thick baffles

In addition, the focus, clarity and low level detail was noticeably improved
So much for my "theories" .....

A further benefit of the thicker baffles is a more robust response
in the lower midrange and upper bass frequencies
They actually play "lower' than the thinner baffles
This creates a more "complete" musical presentation and makes
integration with a powered subwoofer or bass baffle easier and
more seamless.

*** Some things to consider when making a selection for purchase ***

1 - The original 7/8" thick baffles with front mounted
8" drivers are great "bang for the buck".
They are musically satisfying and are a great choice for music
lovers on a budget or who just prefer the appearance of front mounted drivers.

2 - There is not much of a difference in the sound (if any)
between the original baffles and the 7/8" thick "Plus" baffles.
The Plus-8 baffles (with rear mounted drivers) are "eye candy" and are a popular
option for music lovers who want a more "finished" looking pair of speakers.

3 - The Magnum-8 baffles are sonically superior to either of the 7/8" thick
baffles and a good choice for music lovers with revealing sound
systems who want to hear the last drop of performance from the 8" drivers

Available in any of the hardwood options on the price list


Betsy Nagnum Room
Betsy Magnum baffles in the Caintuck Audio Listening Room

Lii Audio W-15 bass driver in a Wenge "Tombstone" baffle in the center

Magnum-8 right

American walnut - Lii Audio Fast-8 driver

African mahogany
African mahogany - Lii Audio Fast-8 driver

Betsy Magnum Wenge Maple
Hard Maple / Wenge - Betsy driver

Betsy Magnum cherry
Cherry - Betsy driver

Magnum Chameleon
"The Chameleon" - Lii Audio Silver-8 driver

Wenge Betsy
Wenge - Betsy driver

Sapele Magnum
Sapele - Lii Audio Fast-8 driver

Additional Magnum-8 baffles are currently being built using a variety of hardwoods

They will be added to this page as they become available

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forum, please include this information in your email


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for your approval
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