Return policy

Caintuck Audio has been offering affordable, custom built open baffle loudspeakers since 2015

To this date (February, 2023) more than 600 pairs of speakers and baffles have been shipped
within 49 of the United States
(all except Hawaii) and more than a dozen international locations

The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive

Since 2015, there have been only three requests to return the speakers
The first (a couple of years ago) was from a customer who (after delivery) informed me
that the speakers didn't sound good in his 8' x 8' "listening room".
He stated that they sounded wonderful in his larger family room, but his
wife would not permit him to move his audio system into that room.
Too bad .....
He returned the speakers and I refunded his money

The second was from a customer who stated that "his wife thought that they were too loud".
He needed some less efficient loudspeakers
I refunded his money

The third was from a customer who simply
stated that "they did not meet his needs".
Unfortunately, he did not repackage the speakers properly for return
shipping and one of the baffles was badly damaged.
Nevertheless, I refunded his money

Most of my customers and potential customers are aware that Caintuck Audio is a one man business
My "mission statement" is to provide excellent sounding loudspeakers that work well with
low powered amplifiers to music lovers with a limited audio budget.

In addition, I encourage questions via email for more detailed information

My home listening room is available for those who desire to hear the speakers before purchase
I usually have baffles with several of the various driver options on hand
  Prospective customers are welcome to bring their front end equipement, amplifier and music
There is also a list of audition sites where the Betsy baffles can be
heard and one for the Lii 15 baffles was just added

Audition sites

I personally enjoy "audio road trips" and have traveled many miles to hear a piece
of audio gear that I was seriously thinking about buying
I would think that a true music lover would be willing to do the same
before parting with their hard earned money
Just my opinion .....

Since each pair of speakers or baffles is hand crafted as ordered, I cannot just
pull a pair from a shelf and send them like the large manufacturers can.
A returned pair of speakers cannot be resold as "new" and my
pricing structure does not have a margin built in for selling "pre-owned" products

So, there is a no return policy on the speakers and baffles I am building

The packaging I use to ship the speakers and baffles is very robust
and damage to the speakers or baffles during shipping is highly unlikely
  For the 8" Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy drivers, I test them for several hours before shipping
In the unlikely event that one of these driver fails within the first year
after purchase, the customer can contact me and we will work out a solution.
However, I have only had one defective Betsy driver since 2015.

For the baffles built for Lii Audio drivers, they are ordered directly from Lii Audio
and the Lii Audio warranty would apply to those drivers

I seriously regret implementing this policy, but anyone who operates a small business that
offers custom built, hand made products will understand the need.

As with any pair of revealing loudspeakers, Caintuck Audio baffles require a
decent listening room to "strut their stuff".  If you do not have a suitable room that
can be set up for listening, you will be better off with a pair of small monitor type speakers.
Please don't order speakers from me if they will be placed in an "office" or bedroom
that does not allow you to hear them from a listening seat that is unobstructed by furniture or
is not reasonably symmetrical.  They will NOT sound good in that environment.

By all means, if you are interested in a pair of Caintuck Audio loudspeakers,
plan an "audio road trip" and visit me at my home listening room.
Bring an audio buddy and plan to stay for a few hours .....

Happy listening,

Randy in Caintuck